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Default Glue for M46 shifter knob?

It's come loose again. What is the preferred glue for attaching the M46 shifter knob?
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I'd go with a screw...easier to remove if you ever need to replace it. If you don't stick it in the front, it shouldn't be visible.

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Buy one that isn't wogged out.
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how psi stock cna support?

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I've always just opened up the top of the shift lever a bit with a pair of pliers. Never had a shift knob fall off after that.
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Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Buy one that isn't wogged out.
Or this. I haven't pulled the knob off my M47 yet, and I had that problem ALL the damn time on my 242. Threw it at the back window on more than one occasion.
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I drilled and pinned mine back in the day, T5 screws on, highly recommended
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Two wraps of electrical tape on the shaft and shove the knob on there, finally stop sucking the knob off the shifter
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Here's how I cured mine:
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Another way of doing it:

1975-80 knob with pattern cap. Requires modification of terminal ends, and, to engage/disengage the overdrive, you flick the switch from out to in and back, if you decide to continue using the relay setup. Otherwise, just convert to the early relay-free setup and no double flick of the switch. This knob is darn near impossible to get off without using a wrench inserted between the knob and the reverse lockout. Both my 242 and my 245 have it.

Otherwise, replace the sponge with a firm example, or, if the car's a sedan, use a wagon wiper stalk's rear washer button for the OD button, and then do whatever you want for a shift knob. If it's a wagon, then use a late model rear demist switch as your OD switch. Mount it where the Bertone had its dome light switch, that way you don't have to reach over to your dash switches to operate the overdrive.


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