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Question 1993 240 Gauge Cluster Not Working

Hello everyone, I recently posted something a couple of days ago about my gauge cluster not working. Somebody suggested a loose ground so I checked the ground wire that was in the 3 pin connector to the speedo and it was loose. I tightened it and the cluster worked... or so I thought. I went to start up the 240 and the cluster didn’t work anymore except for the turn signals and the only warning light that comes on is the high beams but only if I turn them on. Does anybody know what is wrong and how to fix it or has anyone had a similar problem that they have solved? Any input is helpful, thanks.
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Pate... wiring isn't my strength but here's the wiring diagram for the 93.


Pg 18 or there abouts is the cluster.
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Clean or replace fuse 12. If it is a pot metal fuse replace all of them as soon as you can. You want brass and copper fuses in the fuse panel. Don't just spin it. Remove and carefully inspect it.
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