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Default K-jet warm-up issue

1983 244T - Non-IC - fresh stage 0

Car has been sitting since 2007 - started monthly. Runs and drives right now, boosts and moves, the problem is... it won't do any of that until it's almost-full warm. On first startup it revs and runs fine for about 20 seconds. Idles perfect the whole time, but for about two minutes it won't take any throttle. It'll bog off idle and frontfire until it gets above 1500 or so, and miss a little until 3k, then rev out. Runs pretty well after that, though. Drivable and really gets moving once out of first. Never acts like it wants to die. My assumption is WUR based on how it acts before the car is fully warm. However, pouring over the K-jet green book, and over on the Merc/VW/Porsche forums... this isn't really a WUR-type symptom. I have two spares I can rebuild but would like to pin down the issue before throwing parts at it. Thanks!

Recent out-of-hibernation maintenance:

Bosch plugs, cap, rotor, Kingsbourne wires
New fuel filter and pumps, replaced fuel accumulator
All new vacuum lines
New fuel pump relay
Fresh fluids in all holes
Harness was replaced before it was parked

1978 245DL - B21 Penta carb powered!
1982 244T - Crushed
1983 245DL - SOLD
1984 244DL - Crushed
1984 245DL - Sitting in someone's yard
1991 740SE - girlfriend's car
2008 S60 2.5T - Money drainer
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