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Originally Posted by naterhater View Post
Another option would be to make this^^ Then weld pieces of plate to the ends you just cut, weld a large bolt to the plate on the small end, drill a whole in the plate on the big piece and weld a large nut to it. Depending on how confident you are in your welds. Then use another nut as a locking nut so it isnt twisting all over the place while you drive. this way you could use the stock bushings if you desire
Or just do like leadpoisoning did, and not have to mess with all that nonsense.
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Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Yes, but I keep having the dream of shoving the Cocaine up my ass!
Originally Posted by golgothan View Post
Ohh god no, I'd rather eat hot diarrhea than drive a 7/9
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You sons of bitches are the biggest thread de-railers in forum history. Any forums history.
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Originally Posted by centason View Post
Or just do like leadpoisoning did, and not have to mess with all that nonsense.
It looks like the same amount of work to me. his might turn out stronger though.
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Hey guys, I know I'm bringing this back from the dead but with shortened trailing arms, would you need to shorten the driveshaft too or how does that work?

Edit: Lowered my car and the wheels are rubbing on the back of the fender and I don't want to cut the fenders so bringing the wheels ahead would be better. Thanks!

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the shaft has a small amount of travel in the splines. just dont overdo it
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