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Default Brakes help

Hello all! Having some brake issues that I would like to finally get fixed as I'm tired of having so many scares!

I had the pads and rotors replaced recently, but I don't know what brand my mechanic used. My other mechanic said that they are very hard rubber pads, but about 90% of them are left. I want to replace them because my braking distance is atrocious; it's about half of that of my 1997 S90 or even my dads 1990 F150! I can stop about 4 car lengths shorter in any other car, and it surprised even my Mom who's driven 240s/740s/960s for the last 25 years...

Anyway my mechanic keeps telling me they are fine but I know they can be better. The rotors are warped the heck and back now even though they are new, because the pads are so hard. My mechanic won't turn them as he says the new style rotors are too thin, but I feel like I should probably just replace them as well. I'm also thinking about putting on iPD stainless steel brake lines since A) the original lines are likely old by now and b) the IPD lines are cheaper than getting new Volvo ones!

The other issue I've begun to notice is that when I first start driving, I'll put the car in reverse to leave the house, and I feel a sharp pulsing in the brake pedal for a few yards; it feels sort of like chest congestion in the brake line. While I'm driving every now and then there will also be a soft thud in the brake system. Any idea what these might be? Could it be the ABS sensors getting old?

My main question for the moment I guess is; what brake rotors and pads do you all recommend for good quick stopping power? I'm not doing any racing, but are slotted rotors of any particular help?

Thanks for the advice guys!!
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