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I'm glad this thread has been so successful! I plan to fix the pix.
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EZK pin 5 is written up as being for "Supply voltage 30+. Power supply for on-board diagnostic (OBD) system memory and the adaptive function".

What adaptive function is this referring to? I suspect it's not required but I want to make sure.
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EZK pin 5 should go to unswitched +12v. If you're using a LH2.4 harness, it will be connected to the 2 big red wires, and to the system relay, and to ECU pin 4. This is the voltage that keeps the learned/adapted behavior when the ignition switch is turned off. In the ECU, this includes fuel trim adjustment and saved CEL codes. For the EZK, it might just be saved CEL codes -- off hand, I can't think of anything else the EZK would save.
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Yeah it's for persisting codes from the EZK. Not connecting it is just asking to make your life difficult when you're troubleshooting running conditions.
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