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Default Coolant temp sensor fixed my smelly car

This is more of a post for information hopefully to help someone with a nasty exhaust smell.

I have owned my 85 245 n/a for several years and the exhaust has always been smelly. I wasn't sure if it was a bad cat (so I gutted it.. shouldn't have) or bad fuel mixture. I have always got decent mileage usually around 26 mpg so wasn't really sure it was running rich. I searched for rust holes in the rear of the car, extended the exhaust pipe thinking maybe it didn't stick out far enough, checked the rear hatch seals...it stunk. I couldn't roll down the windows without it sucking in a bad smell enough to make your clothes stink.

Last night I swapped in a new coolant temp sensor and it fixed it. I didn't have to remove anything probably took a good 20 mins to figure out the best way to squeeze my hands and tools in there but it was a easy cheap fix. Ive read so many articles about a sulfur smell, rust holes pulling in exhaust, bad gaskets... So just a heads up this may make your car not stink like mine.
85 245 - ipd sport springs and sway bars yoshifab torque rods, kaplhenke bne strut mounts and TAB's. Poly bushings Bilstein tourings. B cam +4. 2.25 exhaust.

93 244 stockish.
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