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Default Hardlines Fight Hard

So the hardline (for fuel) that leads from my accumulator to the fuel filter decided to throw pure hands at me. I was checking out the condition of my fuel filter that I just put on last month. My car had started surging again and this time I knew what was up. When I went to removed the filter, the right angle at the end of the hardline bent too awkwardly. Snap! Got the hardline out, check it. (Right side still has fitting on it)

One end stayed ok... the other is outty, so I cut the hardline to prepare some sort of repair. Actually, the above pic is the main part of the line, now cut to be prepared. This is the end where the filter would be (the blue tape is where I was cutting)

But for a temp fix I went all the way in... here in the ATX area, there are A-Line auto parts stores. It's like Autozone, but jacked up!!! They make hydraulic hoses on spot with proper fittings and all. I brought my hardline in and left with 7.5ft of hose.

It's working all right for now! It's definitely able to handle K-jet's 70+ constant psi. The hose is rated way over 100psi. IDK by heart right now, but trust me, hydraulic hose is never weak. It also has the proper ID. ID on the stock hardline is 5/16" and the hose is likewise. It's working for a good temp line, but I will be putting the hardline back in to at least keep the line under the car hard. I'm thinking of slicing the hydro hose and clamping it to the hardline where it comes up onto the firewall. That will make filter check/changes easier.

Plugged everything up and now the car doesn't surge since I cleaned the filter.... my gas tank is a fighter right now. It's gotta go.....
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Nice replacement line. I always suggest putting the fuel fittings together with some of the thread sealant like loctite 592. That way they seal without too much torque and will be easier to remove later. Good to use penetrating oil when trying to separate the fittings. kjet lives.
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Ummmm... I’ve got
Both hardlines (supply and return) sitting in my garage right now.

South Austin, manchaca/dittmarr.

If you want them.
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^^ I'll definitely have to hit you up for those lines! And your not far from me at all! dl242gt - that's exactly what I was trying to figure out! Something to seal these threads! At first, I has some fuel still coming out of the fitting at the elbow for the filter although it was super tight. Had to use some permatex ultra black for now. Loctite 592 is what I want to get my hands on though. Appreciate it!
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