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Default No oil cooler oil temps

Just got done with +T Volvo 240. Next step is installing oil cooler. Has anybody checked oil temps w.o. a cooler? I read a lot of threads of leaks and malfunctioning thermostats. I like to keep things simple and going to run best oil I can buy locally. I have an infrared temp gun. I can check temps of oil pan etc. The car is a 90 240 I installed 15g turbo with 90 plus manifold. Everything was ported. Its a 5 speed car. I’m running an pusher electric fan and the manual fan with shroud. Thanks
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I have a 90' 245/ NA/ AUTO, with the full gauge package. The oil temp stays about the same as water temp 70'C, except when pulling a long hill + 2 miles [100'C]. A big cooler can cool the oil too much. On the race car that I was the crew chief for, we would tape up the cooler to get oil temps up,+30'to 40'F over water temps. You have to start with a base line with a SENDER IN THE OIL PAN, add the cooler and see what the temps are. Are you racing, street driving what are your plans
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Just a daily. Probably modify for 15lb boost.
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Given Volvo shipped them from the factory with a cooler, I'd be inclined to keep one on there.

Personally, I run an RX7 cooler, in GOOD airflow, with a factory 242 stat at 75C. Oil temps stay at 75C unless it's over about 90* and I'm stuck in traffic. Highest I've seen so far is stuck in traffic, 105*, AC on, the oil temps hit around 220, but dropped to around 180 once I got moving, which is also the coolant stat temp.

I'd absolutely run a cooler since a +t will run a bit higher compression, plus the boost, so you'll see a little more heat in the system.

As for leaks, if you actually assemble it right, shouldn't have any issues.
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I'd run a cooler too. The Volvo Wahler tstat unit and Setrab cooler are good quality parts and easy to install. Or use the 940 version which ties in to the cooling system. I'm running one for a long time now and no issues whatsoever except that it puts some extra heat in the coolant. I prefer the older setup but chose this one for simplicity and that's what I had available when I did the +t..

Least probability of problems with the stock stuff, thousands of cars using those to this day and mostly no issues.. Find good used parts, check function, assemble with new seals, maybe some new crimped hydraulic hoses and have fun. No need to reinvent the wheel for a simple +t
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Don't forget about properly seasoning it on HF jackstands for a couple years whilst dreaming about big powah 'goals'.
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I would also use the oil cooler installation to add a remote oil filter to make the oil changes a bit easier. You can add a block adapter and use an inline oil thermostat to go to a stock volvo oil cooler or after market.
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