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Default Saab APC, worth getting at PnP ?

Gathering parts for a planned +T this winter and ran across a Saab 900 turbo with the APC. Did a lot of searching and found info both pro and con. There doesn't seem to be any recent conversations on the unit. Is it still a worthwhile addition or was it just a fad?
Some info: plan to put a freshened '93 engine in a solid '89 body. ECU and EZK from a '91 940 turbo. Using a 16T turbo and NPR IC and orange top injectors. Plan on using the car for "spirited" local driving with the occasional long trip.
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I think it's an effective form of electronic boost control. If you can get the whole system, it's worth getting. There are other methods of electronic boost control that have displaced it mostly, since they're generally pretty tough to find.
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They were cool 15 years ago. There are better options now, but the boost retard for knock is nice.
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Originally Posted by tequila_gundam_no_chaser View Post
They were cool 15 years ago. There are better options now, but the boost retard for knock is nice.
I could never get my junkyard one to work, it would never boost over 9psi.
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I ran one on my 740 LH2.2 years ago and liked it well enough. I had it on a switch, so it ran stock boost or knock controlled boost. If you find a complete and working system at PnP for a good price go for it.
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