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Default 240 Electronic ignition

Hi all, getting confised by all the information out there looking at upgtading my points to electronic ignition, has anyone had experience and what brands are you using?
Not looking at going megasquirt just replacing the points.
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Points in a 240?

I have installed many 'Pertronics' kits that replace points with a device that lives in the distributor with a trigger that slides over the rubbing block which opens the points to replace that with a magnetic trigger. They work well and are easy to install. Keep a spare kit in the car for when it fails like you *should always travel with a spare set of points and condenser + knowledge of how to service it.
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What year 240? Turbo/NA? Are you in the USA?

I think you can upgrade to either:
- 240 Turbo Ignition, using a 240 Turbo Distributor and "breakerless" ignition control box, or
- 240 NA LH2.2, using a LH2.2 Distributor and a "Chrysler" ignition control box.
- there are some other pre-LH2.2 options, some of which were not available in the USA
- also try a google search for: "pertronix site:turbobricks.com"

I doubt you can use a LH2.2 EZK box and distributor without a LH2.2 ECU. Normally, the ECU box sends the EZK box a "Load" or "Torque" signal that the EZK box uses to select ignition timing (similar to old school vacuum advance).

You may be able to find more info in the ignition greenbooks, TP30432-2_ignition_systems and Volvo TP 31397-1 Ignition.
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Thank you for the information been looking at the 123 distributors being sold.
Car has a 940 b230ft.
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I can't speak for your specific year and model, but I will say that I bought a 123Ignition distributor a long time ago for my 1972 1800ES and I have been nothing but happy with it. I compared the 123Ignition and the Pertronix, and it was clear to me that the 123 was right for me. If you have worn blocks that trigger your points, the pertronix will fix your issue. If you have wobble in your distributor shaft, the pertronix will still allow that wobble to vary the pulses to your coil. I bought the 123Ignition and got a BRAND new distributor that had zero play. I noticed a nice difference and found that when I'd poke along at idle in first gear (typically in parking lots with a manual trans), the car wouldn't lurch when I rode the brake.

One time when I took my car to work, I pressure washed the car from underneath. Well, wouldn't you know that I hit the distributor just right and shot water between the cap and body enough to just about fill the distributor. I blew it out with shop air and the car still wouldn't start. I swapped in the original distributor and brought it back home. The next week when I called up the place I bought it from to order a new module, the guy suggested I give it another try now that it had a day or two to dry out. I put it back in and it has been working flawlessly ever since. It really is a very nicely made unit.

I know that the price of admission was high, but for me, it was worth every penny.

*EDIT*: Please realize that my 1972 1800ES still has D-Jet. So, it has a second set of EFI trigger points in the bottom of the distributor. I spent just a few dollars more for that version of the 123Ignition distributor. But, again, I had piece of mind that I wouldn't really ever need to worry about either set of points again.

BTW: My unit is old enough to have the 16 position switch on the bottom to choose one of the 16 different timing maps. I've seen later units that had USB plugs, but again that was probably over 7 years ago. I don't know what they are using now.
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Originally Posted by sephenslow View Post
Thank you for the information been looking at the 123 distributors being sold.
Car has a 940 b230ft.
Then it should definitely not be running points.

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Originally Posted by t8fanning View Post
My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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Hello My Glorious!

Junkyard Parts request thread!
Mesquite FB page! Constant updates!

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Points huh???
that car should have a rotor???
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Comp-U-Fire DIS worked just fine for my '76.
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