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Default High temp sleeves for leads

I've put together a 945 Turbo with a HY35 on a tubular I made, however the ignition leads on one and two are very close to where the leads come out, they just lean against the tube. I've wrapped the manifold but I'm still concerned that they wont like physically touching it! Any ideas? I've seen some high temp wire sleeves, like this https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motor...stant-sleeving

It's the only thing stopping me from finally running it up to temperature and checking it all!
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Kingsborne has high temperature sleeves for spark plug wires. I have some on my car, I got rid of the 940T metal exhaust shields that bolt on to the manifold studs.
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Kingsbourne, Summit racing, Jegs all have spark plug wire and electrical wire sleeves. Looks like that company is the UK equivalent to them. So they will save you shipping from the US.
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Your local chain store should have the DEI sleeves as well. Usually those are intended for install before putting ends on, but you can easily remove the metal clip and they will slide on. I've been running those for several years, definitely help. That plus the Firebraid on the wires from Kingsborne, haven't had an issue.
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Cheers guys, the boots themselves are high temp jobbies that I specced anyway, I'm going to give those sleeves a go.
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Stiggy Pop
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I use the DEI fiberglass sleeves and they will cook through if in direct contact with the downpipe. The only way I've gotten them to survive is by booting the wire with the DEI sleeve, then doing a spiral wrap of the DEI self-adhesive reflective heat shield tape on the outside of the sleeve (ends held in place with safety wire).

That's the only way I've been able to keep the wires alive.
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