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Old 11-05-2018, 02:39 PM   #1
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Default 245 headliner cleaning?

So, I just scooped a righteous hoopdi 245 as my new toy. Plan is to gradually bring it to stage 0 over the next 6 months.

Little things need attention that I am planning on addressing over the next few weeks. One of which being that my headliner shows its age, black spotting, general 28 years of use grime but no tears or sag!

Id like to take a stab at cleaning it up and I was thinking of using vinyl cleaner and a good microfiber scrub and bleach if need be. Doesn't need to be like new, but I'd like to clean it up the best I can.

Figured I'd ask if anyone had any tips on best materials to use for 240 leather/vinyl interior care.
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if your headliner is like mine. 90 240 sedan. It was a real pain. But the best thing was purple power first then went back over it with magic eraser. Was like new but took me a 1/2 a day.
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Old 11-09-2018, 03:53 AM   #3
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magic eraser works pretty good
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Default Preservative?

Any recommendations on a preservative to help keep it clean or make it easier to clean?
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