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Default Mastercraft MC-440 Tires

Last month I purchased 2 of the tires used, and yesterday I purchased 2 more used.
They are the same as Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0, which was easier to find specifications for. They are manufactured In China by Kenda which is owned by Cooper.
Here are specs:
Size: 216/60-15
Tire diameter: 25.16 inch
Section width: 8.70 inch
Tread width: 6.89 inch
Minimum wheel width: 6.00 inch
Maximum wheel width: 7.50 inch
Directional: No
Speed rating: H
Load rating: 94
Asymmetrical: No
Tread wear rating: 400
Traction rating: A
Temperature rating: A
Tread depth: 10/32 inch
Run flat: No
Max load single: 1477 lbs

These fit 6 inch wheel just fine, but would be a better fit if the wheels were 1/4 to 1/2 wider. I have mounted 2 of these to the front of my 88 765 and wrapped up the other 2 to save for when the rear tires need replacing. Tires this size are getting increasingly more difficult to find so I start looking for good used before I actually need them. This time I lucked out finding that my cousin's repair shop had 4 of these still having 9/32 inch tread in his shed. My cost was $20 each carry out. I then take my tires to my friends junk yard to mount and balance them myself. He'd recently taken them off of a car that he had sent to the crusher. Cousin has a repair shop and towing service, so sending cars to the crusher is common for him.
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I have these on my 960 and they've actually been great. I bought them from a closed down tire shop. Whole set for a hundo.
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They're not a bad tire at all. Kenda makes stellar MTB tires.
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Finally got around to moving front Mastercraft MC-440 tires to the rear and installing the other 2 of these tires on the front of my 88 765.

Mounted on OE 15x6 wheels:
8/32 inch tread depth in all tread grooves
1998 mm (78.72 inch) circumference
266.64 mm (25.06 inch) overall diameter
215.9 mm (8.5 inch) section width.

Odometer error is +3%
Speedometer is right on.
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