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Question 1982 244 Kjet

Oh where do I begin, name! I’m Dekoda, from Florida, own an 82 244 kjet N/A and it’s giving issues. (Why wouldn’t it)

Fuel relay gets hot while driving meaning too much current, bad ground/bad pump? I’ve checked fuse panel but haven’t jumped fuses because I can hear the bad main pump before start

Turn the key on cold and there is a pump that isn’t happy, so I’m replacing it along with fuel filter. Was told the accumulator needs changed also. Vacuum leaks are also a possibility.

Looking for any info or advice, plan on buying stuff for the turbobricks fuel pressure check already. Just need some guidance am new to the rabbit hole, thank you!

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It is normal for the kjet fuel pump relay to get quite warm while operating. Try removing the relay and opening it to check it for overheating internally. The relay can desolder itself which will make it hotter with a bad connection.

One of the causes of a too hot fuel pump relay is a bad engine wiring harness. If your harness is flaking and crumbling. You need to replace it. There are people here that sell good replacement harnesses. Put a listing in wanted or check out Dave Bartons web site.

Vacuum leaks are a real possibility. The injector seals and intake manifold gasket are common fails. Also carefully check the boot between the intake manifold and the air flow box. The boot can be put on there crooked and create a vacuum leak. You can find the volvo green books on the ozvolvo.org web site.
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Just checked Oz site as I wanted to give someone else the link also. Does not appear the manuals are there anymore. The site looks like it has been re-designed to be just another forum.
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Found the books under archives. Thanks.
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Second that those relays do indeed get very warm.
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