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Default Two door amazon rear interior panels replacement

I have finished most of the suspension, brakes, and drivetrain work on my 122 to make it driveable. Now I am gathering interior parts. I have almost everything to do a custom interior but I am somewhat stumped on the rear interior panels with the armrests. The only thing I am buying ready made is the firewall insulation and the carpet (I hate doing carpet). The existing fiberboard is rotted out and torn up enough on the backside that it isn't worth saving them.

The fiberboard from the local hardware store isn't quite pliable enough to replicate the bends the originals have to form the armrests. I am going to use ABS or lexan for the front so they don't rot.

What have people done to replicate these? Has anyone had luck just making flat panels fit with the contoured metal at the top? I have no real need for ashtrays back there.
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