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Well, found out what was mostly the problem, the signal wire for the O2 sensor was partially cut! Found it as I was beginning to install a wideband O2. Patched the wire and drove it to see if that was indeed the culprit. Then I re-surfaced some ground connections on the block and no more codes. So good times!

Then I cancelled the car registration and parked it in the garage Just when the going gets good, you decide to finish some of the smaller building blocks over the winter. Besides, doesn't make sense to have two cars registered when I can only drive one at a time. So in the next few months I'll get the wagon sold and finish some of the more exciting plans I've been mulling over...

Starting with a new intercooler, major bling!!!!

Before :

After :

Christmas came early as I ordered a do88 unit during the 20% sale. First thing I thought when I picked it up was wow, that thing is massive! A direct drop-in unit that'll be the perfect performance replacement

If you haven't noticed, I like keeping things as stock looking as possible. That even means keeping the car looking like it's been around almost 30 years. So why put in nice shiny parts that scream "new addition" when you open the hood? So, off to the store for a can of paint!

Gloss black may have been how the original intercooler looked on the showroom floor, but the rest of the engine bay aged so nicely, I didn't want to disturb the aesthetics.

A bit of reverse polishing

And a transplant of the top beauty plate makes it fit right in! I'm really pleased with the outcome, again it looks like "nothing special here"

After that was done I got into tearing out the tranny. Before springtime it will have been replaced with an M90

And while I finally got a shop where I can tear the car apart and leave it sitting, I'll be dealing with a leak around the rear window and a rust spot that developed under the license plate. The bumper rubbed away the paint and was left to fester for a few years...
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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.

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