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OMG I just found some wheels that are not on the list

Pollux 5.5J X 14" ET 37 3344082-7

Castor 5.5J X 14" ET 37 3344083-5

Atlas 5.5J X 14" ET 37 3344651-9

Vega 6J X 15" ET 33 A=3457723-9 B=3466679-2 C=3466680-0

Lyra 6J X 14" ET 35 3465187-7

Taurus 6J X 15" ET 33 3462739-8

Vesa 6J X 15" ET 33 3465082-0

Avior 5.5J X 14" ET 37 3344940-6

They are all 4x100. So for 400 series cars.
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