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Default Heacock Classic VIR 2018

Spent yesterday with my kids up at VIR for the Heacock Classic. Always a cool venue and great place to get to talk to some of the car owners and wander the paddock. I even entered the Volvo 855R in the Show and Shine so I could get out on the track during a break in the racing. They gave us 5 laps of follow the leader but we could put gaps between and then open it up on the straights Anyway, lots of really cool machinery! Here are some pictures I took.

Couple of Volvos at the Hagerty Show and Shine

Right proper 60s GT40

Lots of Corvairs with many Yanko Stingers, not sure if this is one but I liked to Ralph Nader bit

Beatiful Alfa with cool livery, was a but slow on the track...

Parts is parts, if only I could change the tranmission gearing so easily

Lovely Datsun 2000, talked to the owner/driver and he sold the car many years ago and just recently bought it back. Was damaged on driver side from a Corvair in the early morning runs.

GT40s with an Indycar behind chasing.

My 855R in the Show and Shine, wasn't planning on doing this but it was the only way to get out on the track. Well worth the price I paid of $0.00 to enter

Pro-Am qualifying, this is Boris Said, he ended up on the podium in the race results with Bill Elliot.

Nice early Escort.

And a racing Volvo, sounded awesome.

Another early nice Datsun.

There were about 4 older Indycars too

A beautiful Lola

'Merica, big ole V8 stockers, plenty of them including an older Ford Fairlane Ray Evernham was running at the event

Million $$ Bill hustling a Stang.

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pics no worky for me
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