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Default The li'l 780 project of '09

If any link is broken, please let me know, until then please go to my PhotoBucket 780 Project Page

My 780 headlamp mod thread My Mod Thread

Started the project last year actually just gathering parts. Started putting it all together the middle of June. Lots of setbacks (oh, so many setbacks) Rain mostly.

I'm just hoping for somewhere in the area of 250-275HP. Nothing extreme, just drivable enjoyment.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

Now, if I can just finish the projector lamps...

Basic updates:

Rear Sway Bar Install


New Grille

S.A.M. Strut Tower Brace

Side Marker Install

AC condenser fan ALA Mr. Bill

RSI stage 1 cam with RSI adjustable cam sprocket currently @ -2°.

New front cam belt cover. (Mine disintegrated into dust, literally)

"New" Turbo T3 .48 A/R I bought about 10 years ago, but only used for a summer.

Ported 90+

Mikes Chips (Injection & ignition)

4 flow matched 52#/576cc model INJL55 injectors from Racetronix

External CBV (Forge)

3" intake

3" 012 AMM

Airaid AA720-431 air filter http://www.airaidsales.com/AirAid-Un...ters-PRD9.aspx Tucked up behind the bumper
under the passenger side headlamp.

ATP UIWG Ultimate Internal Waste Gate (3" outlet)

NPR Intercooler

Volvo 2 speed electric fan mounted in the stock mechanical fan shroud with 2-speed relay. Low speed side in the radiator using the
"over heat" port. High speed control will be in the upper radiator hose.

3" turbo back exhaust custom made and installed by EurodesignMK with Magnaflow muffler and CAT.

VDO OIL 80PSI pressure gauge and sender.

VDO Oil temperature gauge. Sensor will be installed in the big assed banjo bolt for the oil filter relocation arm.

AEM Wideband



Project link at Photobucket

My Photobucket page
Originally Posted by 740freak View Post
how psi a stock can support?
Originally Posted by speedn_j View Post
I think this might be my chariot if I can jew the price down.

1990 780t Kind of Modded 1994 945t Pegz, Tintz, Hidz.
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