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Default Scored a nice 1989 745T

A kid was selling an 89 745, saying it had a fuel related misfire, as he changed the plugs and wires with no improvement.
I started the engine , and cylinders 3 and 4 weren’t playing. Limped it onto the trailer and got it home.
He had only replaced the two plugs, 1 and 2 were different plugs, and the wires were cheap brand.
Changed all for plugs, new cap and rotor, and new bougicord wires, and she fired right up and idles smoothly.
Not bad for $1600!

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I guess you replaced the 245. Looks to be in really nice condition. Enjoy!
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my other ride is a exmark
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sounds nice, post some more pics
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Nice. I love it when children have nice cars they can’t figure out. Hopefully he didn’t half ass too many things on there
i'm too sexy for RWD

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