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Default M46 new clutch and pressure plate, how bad is this?

Hi everyone. 1991 740 turbo w/B234 head, M46 with hydraulic clutch, ~170,000 miles. I typically drive it at 10-12 psi, never more than that.

I just recently (one month ago) replaced the clutch with a complete Sachs kit (friction disc, pressure plate, pilot and throwout bearings).

Unfortunately, I got sloppy and forgot to degrease the friction disc, and I believe that either I or the person helping me may have dripped oil on it at one point. The flywheel had some surface cracks but engagement is still pretty smooth, so I don't believe it is in serious need of resurfacing.

Until recently, my car's turbo had a missing bolt in the compressor housing that was causing such a massive boost leak that it was effectively a naturally aspirated B234f as far as power output.

After installation, I had one instance where the clutch produced a significant amount of smoke under normal (out of boost) operation, and one time on an on-ramp where it smoked the entire way up, stopping at around 60mph.

So obviously the clutch now slips under any boost or even moderate acceleration. Typically it only does it in 2nd and 3rd gear, even if I step on it in 4th on the highway it doesn't slip at that point.

I am assuming the clutch disc is now completely glazed or otherwise ruined. Is there any way to fix this, even temporarily? I've tried spraying heavy duty degreaser through the engine speed sensor hole and around the back of the flywheel. It seemed to help but only for a day or so.

Also, is there any possibility that this is the overdrive slipping? The transmission leaked about a cupful of brown fluid out when it was out of the car, and I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can drain and refill the OD. I gather from reading that if it's the overdrive then it's probably not long for this world.

My plan is to eventually acquire an M90 or T5, but I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime to band-aid this until I can drop the transmission again (I rely on it for work and can't really have it down for whole days without some planning).


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