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Default a whole lot of swapping going on (locost build, awd swap, trans swaps, etc)

Ok so I wasn't really sure where to post this, so I figured I will post it up in projects as this is a huge project that I have to do over the next year or so.

I will start with a bit of background on what is going on.

Last spring I traded a 22lr for a super clean na s60 with a blown motor. Did some trading and ended up with a complete running subframe from another s60, just need to do the swap.

A couple months later I made the trip to Portland around the same time and bought a cleanish v70 t5. Drove it back to Boise and used it for my daily for a couple months until someone in our local Volvo group wanted to trade me for 2 p80 v70s. One was a running 98 T5 with 130k on the odom that was in good shape and just needed a bit of love, and the other is a 00 xc70 with 180K on the odom that was pulled apart after a rollover. I still drive the T5 as my daily and am almost done doing a complete R interior swap.

Soon after I bought a 98R that has a bad tranny but runs good. Has 260k showing on the odom. Limped it home where it sat for a few months. Sold it to my buddy who I traded my p2 for the two p80s for what I paid for it.

A couple months ago I decided to build a Lotus 7 replica from scratch. The plan was to use the engine and rear end out of the xc mated to a world class t5 manual transmission. Still in the planning, hunting/gathering stages of this build.

Fast forward to yesterday when my buddy hit me up to buy the 98R back. So I did. went over to his house and limped the poor R back to my house.

Ok, now that you know the back story on my Volvo collection, what I am looking for is some advice on what to do. I know I would rather daily and keep an R on the road.
So do I take the extra angle gear that I have and mount it to the motor and trans out of the T5 and put that in the R?

Is that even possible?

Use the R engine for my Locost build after a rebuild? Scrap the xc as its mostly just a shell with an engine at this point?

Find a tranny in the JY for the R?

Will the 4spd out of the xc fit the R?

Been looking online for a while and haven't come across any info on mounting the angle gear to a fwd tranny. I have heard that it is possible and a pretty easy swap. If it is possible I think I know which way I will go unless the 00xc tranny will work. My biggest concern is the computer and wiring of it.

Sorry I don't have any pictures for you to enjoy. I will try to get some this weekend.
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Where abouts are you? I have a super clean 98R with a blown motor
1990 745tic
1984 244DL (parts)
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1967 220 amazon station wagon.
1990 244GL M47 summer DD project.
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I have a transmission from a 98 850 R when my son totaled my car for sale. PM me if interested.
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