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Default Recommendations for help

I know this is a primarily a DIY board and I'm almost always a DIY person, until I realize I don't have the tools or expertise to properly diagnose a problem. I took apart, rewired and cleaned up a low mileage, great running 1982 244 kjet and every time I start the car now it floods and fouls the plugs after 20 or 30 seconds of running. I know the pressure is probably off or I have a vacuum leak somewhere, but I no longer have the time to work on it, the car is in great shape otherwise and I really want to get the car back on the road. Does anyone know of a shop in the D.C./Northern Virginia area that would work on it? I've done too much to this car to give up on it and would do anything to get it back up and running.
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I can't help with a repair recommendation but had similar issue after a rewire. I had the cold start injector wired to the heating element of the Control Pressure Regulator. Effectively full choke until it died.

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I am almost positive that your response saved me from parting out a perfectly good car. It's raining and dark here so I'm not doing anything tonight, but the wire colors going to the cold start injector are the ones that are supposed to go to the control pressure regulator. I spent countless hours chasing potential vacuum leaks thinking I had followed Dave Barton's harness instructions perfectly. I can't thank you enough.
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Glad to have another old kjet one getting sorted out. Wish you well with it.
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