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Question 92 Volvo 240 wagon

The neighbor came over to "try and help get my tail lights working". He must of been looking for wires because when I tried to use the washer in the back ............nothing!!! so I looked and sure enough the washer hose has been cut in half. I went to the parts store today and got a white tube that you push in both ends of the hose and nothing come's out, and yes you can blow through white fitting . (smiling). But now nothing comes out of the washer onto the rear window. It worked fine before he cut it. I can hear the washer motor working. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance for any help.
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There is supposed to be a right angle one way valve inside the rear fender. He may not have cut the hose but disconnected and lost the valve in the bottom of the rear fender. The valves fail and stick closed. Without it, it takes the washer pump more time to get the fluid to the rear window. The valve helps hold fluid near the window so it comes out sooner. The washer motor may run but that doesn't mean it works.

Since you can't buy the black replacement washer motor any more. You buy the one for the front of the car and color the top of it black with a permanent marker. Or put some type of marker on it so you know it is the rear washer system.
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