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I like to use the genuine volvo stuff for the feed hose from the fuel tank to the pump. For the 5/16 I just use generic high pressure fuel injection rated hose. Most local places have hose rated for fuel injection.

That isn't much of a service life. A lot of parts seem to be like that. There was another thread about the quality of rubber suspension parts and how it all seems to last half the time or less than original quality parts.
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Yeah I’m disappointed to say the least. I don’t remember what brand I bought though. But I’ll stick to something j30r9 rated for the feed and return. And on brand.
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spill it MClovin and WTF happens to your glasses you piece of ****..
Feedback Thread
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“Submersible” fuel line is the ticket for in-tank. Fuel injection rates for others.
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Trust me , you will know within about 36 hours if you didnt use submersible fuel line inside the tank...!
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