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Default Where to clean injectors?


I recently got some good condition (at least looks that way) used injectors for my NA 95' 945. The ones on my vehicle are currently so visibly corroded that I'm surprised the motor even runs. Any recommendations on where I can send these ones in good condition to get clean/tested? I've seen some DIY injector cleaning info before, but I would like to verify that they work 100% as well... if that's a thing?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Ive heard you can apply bursts of power to an injector and force cleaner through them manually by putting one end into a bucket of the cleaner.

Not the easiest thing to do but with a spare injector rail it would be a cinch. I don't know where to send them though.

An ultrasonic cleaner would probably also help get the outsides nice and tidy, as well asa fresh o-rings.
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RC Engineering. I've used them many times over the years.

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Witchhunter and Cruzin are also legit, used both over the years, usually do Witchhunter lately.
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Old 10-09-2017, 10:14 AM   #5
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Great, thanks for the info guys.
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Old 10-09-2017, 12:57 PM   #6
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I've used this service over the last 10 years; quick turnaround and fair prices:

Project "cheap thrills" build thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showth...67#post4211467

Feedback thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=198746
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