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Default My new 96' 940, reading fault codes with a multimeter?

Hi guys and gals!
I've just gone and bought myself a 96 940 with the b230fk lump. It has the engine light and srs light on the dash, I've disconnected the battery to reset the ecu, it cleared the engine light for about 20 miles but now it's back! I found a thread somewhere about using a multimeter to check the fault codes from the obd socket in the centre console and had a go but I've run into problems!
Right, here's the thread
Following the instructions, pos lead of the multimeter on pin 16, neg lead on pin 3, i het a reading of 1.7v, when I turn the key to position 2, it jumps to 3.2v. According to the link, it should be dropping to 0? I tried putting another cable linking pin 3 to pin 5 and get a reading of 12v as expected, remove the cable aa per instructions and.... Nothing.

Does anyone have any experience with this? The car's running really rough and idling all over the place when cold, I'd quite like to diagnose this quick with a multimeter rather than waiting until I get the time and parts to build one of those fancy flashy light boxes.

Thanks in advance!

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I would smoke test it for airleaks.
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about the SRS: if at some point a incompetent mechanic has pulled the steering wheel off the column and also removed the twin coil connection spring setup on the column then he could have f-ed up that twin coil spring setup on reassembly after which one of those coils might have broken.
That twin coil spring setup needs careful and precise installation. if bodged, one of the coils will unwind when you put maximum lock on while doing a sharp steering manouver and then the unwound spring will turn out to be too short and it will break > connection lost > SRS does no longer work > error light comes on.
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What do you mean smoke test?
I've got some new vac lines on order, old ones were crumbling away. Replaced with some temporary pieces i had laying around but didn't make a great deal of difference. Maybe i missed a couple!

Thanks for the info on the airbag, had some experience with those rings before, they're a pig to do, I'll whip the wheel off and have a look
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Problem solved! Replaced all the vacuum hoses as i noticed they were looking a bit tired, runs like a dream, reset the ecu and the light hasnt come back (100 miles or so after reset).
Still can't read the fault codes, still got an airbag light but I'll get to that.
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