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Mark G
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Default 1993 Silver 245

Probably time to start documenting this.

In our last episode, I stripped my 1990 245 of the fun parts, and sent it to the crusher:

Fast forward a few years, lots of life changes, including a move to a new house in a new state. A new house, with a two car garage.

A running, driving, 1992 245 M47 with terminal rot was for sale up the road from my house for TB money.

And I found a 1993 245 that wasn't totally roached.

It was a pretty good deal by east coast standards. Pretty much stock, adult owned, and spent over half its life in Alabama according to the CarFax.

However, the dash was out because the PO tried to undertake a blower motor / heater core replacement, but lost his motivation halfway through. So, I'll need to sort that out. Annoying, but I did it on my 1990.

I have all of the parts shown in the first picture, plus (almost?) a complete +T setup. Need to itemize that at some point.

Biggest problem right now is an uninsulated garage in Vermont winter. Insulation, drywall, lights, and a garage heater are in the plans, but I'm not sure how much will happen in the next 2 - 3 months.

Either way, I'm happy to have a project again. This car is not my daily, and will likely just be a fun weekend / nice weather car. Current plans are the JVAB coilovers, 13c/90+ +t, m47.

Sold: 1981 242 DL
Parted and crushed: 1990 245 DL
1993 245 DL

Feedback thread


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