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Default getting to oil separator box on 87 244

does anyone have any recommendations on getting to the oil separator box on an 87 244? I don't want to remove the intake if not necessary. what parts would you take off to get to it? looking to see who has had tried and true results.
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In my experience taking the intake off isn't necessary but it sure does make it easier.
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Just take the intake manifold off and stop wasting time. Make sure you buy a new intake manifold gasket. You're not going to save any time or headaches by not removing the intake. This also give you an opportunity to give the general area a cursory cleaning.
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Make sure you buy a quality intake gasket. Genuine volvo, Elring, and Reinz have done well.

Yours is a little easuer to replace since it's the smaller pcv box. I take off the intake because it's easy and also lets you replace the rotted 30 year old intake gasket that is on there. Which will cause vacuum leaks if you don't replace it.
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Thanks for the advice, all. Any special tools other than my torque wrench and ratchet set or extras I should have for removing the intake manifold? I was just looking at the nuts holding it on, thinking I should at least have some penetrating oil.

And I assume I can leave most everything in place and just pull it back towards the fender / strut tower and go to work? I have about half or a whole Saturday to do car repairs at a time.

I just bought the car and am baselining most of the maintenance this coming weekend (front seals, timing belt, tensioner, water pump, thermostat&housing, front radiator hoses, cap, rotor, plugs, accessory belts, and new harmonic balancer).Thats all I have time for this weekend, so I want to get the breather box done before I do the rear cam seal and the rear main seal. Is there anything else I should do while the intake manifold is to the side? Maybe get to the heater core hoses since they're nearby? While I have it off I figure there's a handful of other things I could do, preventatively, to save time down the road. The car isn't pushing air out of anywhere strange - yet. I just put my hand over the oil cap and checked - so I'm not too worried about blowing seals. Also I figure a couple weeks later when I have time I'll do a valve adjustment, rubber valve hushers, valve cover gasket, rear plug and rear seal. That way I get the engine seals done around the same time as the breather system (I only drive the car 50-100 miles a week, tops) so I have healthy system.
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As long as the engine pulls a strong vacuum, or the glove test does not inflate, no need to clean the breather box. Every time I have went to clean a 240 breather box or 940 they certainly were far from being clogged.

I always removed the breather boxes from underneath. I use an offset wrench it fits perfectly.
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No need to remove the intake to do this job. A long extension right between the intake manifold runners will get one of the bolts. A 3" extension and short socket will get the other. It's a 30 minute job start to finish, if that. That's on the non-EGR cars. EGR makes it much more time consuming. If the intake gasket has never been replaced, it is a good time to do so.
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