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Default The 244 That Came Back

Well, I’m back, for those of you that remember me, some of you helped with, my last post was I think roughly 2 years ago when I began the search for what would be my 3rd 240. This was to replace the old +T Brick that I greatly regretted selling. A little about that car, it was a red 92 244 with an all-black interior, black trim and honestly, I was too anxious to genuinely appreciate the car and when it finally blew up I sold it instead of sticking with it. Ultimately I was wanting to much dumb stuff for it too and expected perfection in the wrong thing, nevertheless, I miss it. Heres a link to the old mediocre build thread for that car: https://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=322480. Fast forward back to my last post when I was looking to purchase the 3rd car to replace the red one. I ended up finding a 87 244, in the photos and from what the seller was telling me all seemed good, I booked one-way tickets from Denver to Portland to meet the guy and grab the car. Upon arrival, sure enough, it wasn’t all it was cut out to be, but I didn’t have much of a choice and the guy came down quite a bit more on price so I went with it because I figured at worst I would sell it back home. The car was a 1987 244 that is light beige with all brown interior, overall it’s not terrible, some rust here and there but the body is for the most part straight with pretty decent paint. The car made it back to Denver from Washington without a hiccup, and in probably record time in a stock Volvo 240, it was awesome. After the car came back here I did end up selling the car, but to my buddy who was the one that made the journey with me, we joked about the deal on the drive back… I basically owned the car for 2 weeks and it was his ever since. However about a year ago he gave the car to another mutual friend, the same friend was planning on getting rid of it but friend 1 said to offer it back to me first.

So two days ago I went to go get it from his place. He told me it was having more problems with the alternator or battery or something and said it seemed like it wanted to die when he drove it last, knowing this I decided to get it as far home as I could, it’s worth noting when picking up the car it would not start on its own, once we hooked it up for a jump it still wouldn’t start, no click nothing, but with a bump start it got running and all seemed well, I started the journey home but noticed that as I began driving after a little bit the cars gas gauge and temp gauge started to drop, I had all of the other electric accessories off but lights were dimming as well. Then while driving down the highway around 15 miles into the trip the car began to stutter when the turn signal would be on, even when keeping throttle constant, there was a clear stutter whenever I turned on the signal, shortly down the road it just died and did nothing with throttle, I pulled it over and we got it towed the rest of the way home. Going off what I was told and what happened it sounds like some type of wiring issue with the alternator, so I’m looking for advice on how to get started fixing this, the batt light comes on the dash when the key is in on however also stays on with the car running, there is also the parking brake light on along with another light when the car is running. However, these all go off when under load. So today I started looking into it and could not see back of the alternator for the studs for wiring so I just ended up ripping it out since its pretty quick.

with this all being said this is where I’ll leave it off for now. I am stuck and any help or ideas on where to start looking would be awesome! I am definitely going to be trying to wire the alternator again tomorrow and make sure it was done right… I’ll also drop a link to the forum from the most recent owner that originally replaced the alternator and starter and then first started to have the problems.

Heres a picture of it broken on the highway : , )

Heres a picture I took of the alternator with the wiring before I yanked it:

Heres the linked post from P.O regards to his attempt to fix note he said it was fixed but that is no longer the case: http://www.forums.turbobricks.com/sh...57#post5939157

Thanks in advance for the help, happy to be back on turbo bricks, more to come once the cars staged 0'd and I know what I'm working with.
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