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Default 164 Rocker cover gasket

I'm wondering if anyone makes a rubber rocker cover gasket for a B30. I have been using the standard thick cork gasket, but I used rubber gaskets on my 1981 Puma (VW 1500cc engine from Brazil) and liked them quite a bit.

My rocker cover screws will not stay tight, and I think the gasket is shrinking a bit, contributing to the issue. I wondered if the rubber rocker cover gasket would allow the screws to stay tighter longer.

Dave Riedle
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I don't think anyone made them in rubber for the B30.

I have never been a huge fan of the rubber gaskets for the B18/B20 valve covers. They sometimes squish out when tightened.

Try some blue Loctite on the valve cover screws, but it is normal to have to re-tighten the screws as the cork gasket shrinks as it get old.
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Harry Tuttle
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My experience with 4 cyl gaskets was that the rubber ones got hard relatively soon. I had good luck with the nice, pliable cork ones and they lasted a pretty long time. Who knows what they are like these days (probably Eric & Ian do...)
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