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Default Stalling Issues on 90' 244DL

For the last few weeks my car has had a lot of trouble staying running. It began as the car running like sh*t when I first started it up, I'd give it a few revs and it would be fine. Then it progressed after a week or so to it starting up no issue, then dying 1 second later. I replaced the MAF because the car would stay running with it unplugged, and it seemed to be fixed for about 10 minutes. Drove the car up my road and stalled. Replaced the fuel filter and the fuel was completely black and possibly had some residue in it? Car ran even better after that for 15~ minutes, then the same issue, managed to make it back to my driveway as it stalled half way up. My first thought the first time the car died was that it was a fuel delivery issue because it would lose all it's power and keep sputtering out. If I stayed on the gas and kept it in 1-2nd gear and didn't let off I managed to get it home both times it died during the test drive. I have checked a lot of wiring though I could have missed something. Also checked vac hose to FPR for gas. Bad fuel pump?
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Or bad gas clogging up your filter. Rig up a way to check the fuel pressure or maybe pull the filter again and see if its full of black death.
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I managed to fix it today. Replaced the secondary fuel pump and fuel strainer. Also wasn't getting power to it, wire failure somewhere so I wired it to the fuse block with a new wire ran to the rear.
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