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Default Temp faker on 740?

So I got some LEDs from superbrightleds.com that I will be putting in my instrument cluster tomorrow.
While I have the cluster out, I will be removing my "anti brake" light because it never seems to stay away..but I was wondering, and cant find anything on Google...., do 740s have the "temp fakers" like the 240s do?

If so, is it different than doing it ona 240? I would love to know my guage isn't screwing me.
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I would need a schematic to know if something like the temp compensator is there. If it is it isn't a separate part like in a 240. It is more integrated and you would need to find where the input and output of the circuit is so you can bypass it. I'm sure there is probably something in there knowing how important it was to fake a real temperature reading.
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