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Default Another Canadian B23FT build

This is my car. It’s a 87 745 turbo that I have had since 2000. It’s an Alberta car so it came to me with zero rust and about 180,000km. The rest is TB history.

I read Mcbrooms and set up a plan. I have a long history with this car and several motors (too much boost and a broken heater hose). I will not bore you with all the details but this motor began as an idea after I was replacing a HG and found a crack between cylinder #1 and 2. The cracked motor was sleeved (very long story) and could have survived a little longer with the crack in the block (not in the sleeves itself). But I decided to pulled the motor and start from scratch. New block and newish head.

I began by sourcing a block. I didn’t actually think I would find a *new* block but after looking around TB I found foggyjames. Foggy had a new, never used, b23 block just sitting around. Shipping from the UK to Canada sucked balls. I got the motor in April of 2007 and started work.

Bottom end:
Forged crank and rods from my previous B23FT.

All internals were sonic checked then balanced.
New set of stock sized Mahle pistons.

Drilled and tapped the block for turbo return.

Stealthfti’s #5 thrust bearing chamfer trick for more oil supply.
Drilled and tapped for BMW oil squirters.

more to come...
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