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Default 4-1-3 EGR sensor code only when cold?

So my B230FT/ LH2.4 throws a 4-1-3 code, EGR Temp Sensor, every morning on startup.

After I let it warm for 30 seconds in the garage, and then shut it down, restart the CEL is gone and we are off to the races.

Why would the sensor read fault when cold every morning? I'm assuming it probably needs cleaning (hoping to tackle that this weekend), But after it is warm everything seems to function as intended.

Ideas? I will admit I am not as informed on the EGR on this car as I am about other aspects. I guess I hoped it would just "work" and I could get on with my life.

Sigh, Volvos.
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Look up how to test the sensor. It's in the EGR pipe under the inlet manifold. I did one on a 94 4 runner recently and I ran a 10 ft test lead to the sensor and confirmed proper voltage while on a drive.
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