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Default VGA 2.2 Harnesses, connectors and wiring

Below is a preliminary summary I've written for VGA 2.2 installations applicable for all 9-series. Attached is a .pdf of the components and wiring logic


• The connection and harness logic .pdf below is for VGA 2.2 relay p/n 9166157, and summarized from the factory VGA2.2 installation booklet and wiring diagram, and my own VGA 2.2 installation.

• The MAIN VGA 2.2 wiring harness which connects between the VGA relay and the dash harness is not available as a separate item. You can fabricate the harness using the wiring logic provided. Finding a used harness may prove to be very difficult.

• All ’93- 940/960’s are equipped with pre-wiring behind the instrument cluster for VGA installations.

• All ’96- 940/960’s have enhanced alarm pre-wiring, eliminating the need for extension harnesses.

• Pre ’93 940/960’s are not pre-wired for VGA and would need wiring modification for installation.

• VGA 2 and 2.2 systems support daisy-chaining multiple sensors using harness 9134346.

• VGA 2.2 basic functions can be changed by the user with the remote, dealer reprogramming is not required unless more advanced functions require re-setting.

• North American installations are not VGA systems, but rather remote unlocking with an audible alarm (should a door be opened while armed). Depending on production year and pre-wiring, VGA can be installed relatively easily.

Pairing the correct remote for VGA 2.2 systems

There are two different remotes for VGA 2.2 systems that operate on different frequencies and are not interchangeable.

• 9442981 is the correct remote/fob for VGA relay 9166157
• 9442983 is the correct remote/fob for VGA relay 9148881

These remotes are not available in the North American market. One option to obtain a new remote/fob is to find a Volvo retailer in the UK or continental Europe and source it directly, or source a used one from eBay.

The remote/fob p/n is on the backside of the remote/fob and does wear off with use, so ensure that you have the correct remote/fob for the VGA relay p/n.
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