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Default 1985 volvo 240 advice

So I am considering buying a volvo 240 from 1985. I have heard that this year is worse than others.

I am familiar with the 240 as I had a 1991 240 for a while.

This one is a bit unique in that its a "police" model with a turbo - Current owner has done a good bit of work on it (below) and its straight and lowish miles (less than 200K)

Current owner work done:
- Replaced steering rack
-Power steering hose
-Replaced brake booster and transmission mount
-Replaced belts and new battery
-Replaced Engine wiring harness
-Replaced fuel pump, new brake pads and rotors, and replaced left and right engine mount
-New rear taillight circuit board
-Replaced Alternator and power steering hose/belt

Thoughts, and or feedback or other things I should look at outside the obvious?

**Edit sorry...few other details. It is a B21ft (so a turbo) with most of the "police" bits and pieces. (vinyl floor, different upholstery, map light, trunk popper on console, 120MPH speedo, etc)
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> Rust

> Rust

> Rust

Everything else can be fixed on a Tb budget.
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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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And, yes, everything else can be fixed on a broke-arse TB'er budget.

Since the car is likely the one in Oregon, it probably doesn't have much floor rust, unless the windshield has leaked. There will probably be some rocker panel rust in the usual spots, though.

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I have an 85 wagon n/a and I love it. Other than the wire harness that was really not hard to replace, look for rust. My rust isn't terrible especially being in North Carolina but def need to replace a few pans.
85 245 - ipd sport springs and sway bars yoshifab torque rods, kaplhenke bne strut mounts and TAB's. Poly bushings Bilstein tourings. B cam +4. 2.25 exhaust.

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