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Originally Posted by 80series View Post
I meant just cutting the spring cup and moving it up versus adding in length to the tube. I didn't know if "preloading" the spring any would lift the vehicle any. Im guessing probably not...
Yes, of course that will raise the car.
It sits on springs, raising them raises the car.
Extending the damper housing potentially changes travel.
Originally Posted by leecatd8209 View Post
Being dead has a funny way of messing up your small business, too.
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Originally Posted by Canadan View Post
A bit late but for the rear, check out 32322 Monromatic shocks off a ford expedition. They are supposed to have the same collapsed length as stock but 4 inch more extension.
KYB 344082 is also a great option for lifted applications. They are for Chevy Astro vans originally. Im running limiting straps due to the longer shock length.
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Dredging this up to add some useful info I found for my '92 745 concerning shocks.

I already extended front strut tubes by about 2" and put the XJ springs in the back but the shocks are topped out and I'm just riding on the rear spring so I've been looking for shocks. I'm buying cheapo KYB's cuz it's just a beater. Here's what I've found; both of these options provide about 2" greater travel and an overall increase in length of about 3". Pretty good options I think. Only size difference is the they are more narrow at the mounts then stock. Gonna order the Saturn ones because they are $20 cheaper, will report back.

Stock- #344270
Upper mount- E2(12.2x54.8)
Bottom mount- E2(12.2x54.8)
Extended length- 18.46
Compressed length- 11.65

Saturn Vue ($32.79)- #343433
Upper mount- E2(12.2x42)
Bottom mount- E2(12.2x42)
Extended length- 21.65
Compressed length- 13.38

Land Rover Diso ($45.30)- #345037
Upper mount- E2(12.2x43.5)
Bottom mount- E2(12.2x43.5)
Extended length- 22.36
Compressed length- 13.89

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Currently have diesel spec lesjofors in front and xjs in the back, but want to go an inch or more. Thinking about 1.75" xj spacers for the rear. Torque rods arriving, used ipd panhard bar frozen and won't loosen...
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