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The MP
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Default Round 2

IPD blue 7-9 series sport springs, stock 240 springs from a GT that turn out to be the softest 240 springs ever (swapped, probably) and some cheap coilover shocks and springs from Lawrence.

Black front 240 spring, from an unknown donor (taken from the front of a GT by VB242, hoping they were sweet springs).

Next up, IPD blue 7-9 series sport spring, front.

Starts around 130#, 145# avg, 150# peak. Some rise due to seat issues. Not a progressive spring.

Next up, 240 rear, unknown donor. Was found in a 242 GT.

poncy 95#, but 50% stiffer when in a 240 rear arm due to motion ratio.

Next, IPD blue rear for 7-9 series.

What? The same as a stock 240 spring? No, there's more. It's progressive.

The rise at the end is unresolved, so we had to test to a higher pressure. We chose a distance, and that distance wasn't enough.

95# rising to 140# and staying there.
So at normal ride height, cushy. In a turn or under load, you get less compression.

teal coilover, 350#. (not volvo related)

Shock time.
(not volvo related)
"made in canada" Pro Shocks T40902SA
(below that WB 735)

As set, good for 300#ish springs, didn't try adjusting them. Didn't see how to.
These are still available in black, starting around $80 each in a variety of dimensions.
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The MP
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I'll measure dimensions later. School is starting, need to sign off for a bit.
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the real Towery
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Originally Posted by mikep View Post
1988 Hartford CT 244
Front springs 80 lb/in
449mm (17-5/8") free length
166mm overall Diameter
13.2mm (.520") wire diameter
5.5 free coils
11.5" installed height hanging
8.5" installed height sitting

Rear 91 lb/in
415mm (16-3/8") free length
129mm overall Diameter
11.85mm (.466") wire diameter
7.5 free coils
15.25" installed height hanging
12.25" installed height sitting

Measured the springs that came off my '92 240 sedan.

17-1/4" free length
0.540" wire

16-1/4" free length
0.475" wire

Rear springs had some blue on one coil. Fronts are still covered in undercoating.

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