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scandinavian flick
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Default 340 Axle

Sorry, its probably been asked a million times but i cant find any pictures etc...

Best axle upgrade/ suspension upgrade for a Volvo 340 please.

Looking at possible 300 bhp N/A sequential box Conversion.

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My best guess is probably a transaxle setup off of an old Alfa, like a GTV6 or 75. The drivetrain configuration of the 340 is pretty limiting as far as upgrades go.
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Volvo upgrades
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340? What engine will you be using?

360 with a redblock then there are some gearbox choices. Axle wise you could use a BMW pumpkin with custom prop and custom drive shafts. 5 link the beam. There are a few that have taken this path.

Just read again N/A so a Motordesign engine or something else?

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Old 09-12-2019, 05:14 AM   #4
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Solid rear axle, gear box to the normal location. Kill the snow flake
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