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Default B230FT engine rebuild

Looking for info for a possible engine block rebuild on my 1992 740 turbo wagon. The block is off the car after a seizing incident (the engine sat for a bit too long after a head gasket failure). Got things unstuck after letting things soak in PB blaster, now looking to see is I can salvage the thing. Finding a decent condition B230FT block doesn't seem to be as easy as it used to be, and besides, I'd like to try and see if I can get this thing back together again. The cylinder walls had some surface rust which caused the seizing, but I would believe that after a disassembly and cleaning things _could_ get back to normal. The engine had about 200K on it prior to HG failure, with mostly unknown history. Good amount of gunk inside the engine too, but not catastrophic.

If anyone has a PDF or a link to a Volvo TP30927/1 manual (B230 reconditioning) I'd very much appreciate your help. Got some manuals for the 700/900 series, but not that one. My USB collection of manuals for 900-series from OTP does not have anything relevant on B230 engines! Want to see the specific reconditioning procedures; I've done some head reconditioning on B230F and B6304 engines, but never messed with an engine block.

At the minimum I would expect to replace the bearings (main and rod), piston rings, clean everything and see if I need to go + size on the pistons. Trying to keep the budget reasonable and do most of the work in my garage...


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