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Old 04-11-2017, 02:25 PM   #26
Been here for too long
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Edmonton AB


Block:92 B230
Head: Heeb speed ported 16V
Injectors: Undecided
Pistons: CP
Rods: 160mm JohnV
Ems: Will be MS Pro
Cam: PZ
Crank: Penta 2.5L
Coil packs/plugs: undecided
Turbo: T3/T4
Intake: NathanINWA
Exhaust: Manifold- Nathaninwa divided turbine, dual tial wastegates
Intercooler: DO88 Group-a replica
Radiator: DO88 Aluminum
Fuel pump: Undecided
Fuel rail: Nathaninwa
Rrfpr: undecided


Gearbox: Mustang T5 built with 2.95 gear set
Clutch: Undecided, JohnV flywheel
Driveshaft: Undecided
Diff housing: 1031
Diff centre: Trutrack with 4.1 gears



Springs: Eibach
Shocks: revalved SAAB front inserts, revalved rear 240 HDs
Torque rods: Kaplenkhe heim jointed
Panhard bar: Kaplenkhe heim jointed
Strut braces: Kaplenkhe
Control arms: Stock for now


Calipers: Porsche 6 piston fronts, 4 piston rears
Rotors: S/VR Factory Volvo rotors
Master cylinder: Mustang

Not done yet, so no dyno numbers.
80 242- 2.5L, T5, Porsche brakes, short billies and kaplenkhe suspension, trutrack.
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Originally Posted by Jomerfield View Post
Cool build mate, what's this in?
a volvo.
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Now with in-house Dyno tuning!

Megasquirt Tuning!
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Frozen Garage Hell
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Volvo Canadian -1966


Block: B5234T3 (RN)
Head: 850 - heavily worked over
Injectors: 565 cc/min (may need larger)
Pistons: Custom Weisco
Rods: H-Beam - 147 mm c to c distance.
Ems: MS-Pro (when done)
Cam: 850 GLT
Crank: Stock
Coil packs/plugs: 960 coil packs
Turbo: EFR-7064
Intake: Custom
Exhaust: Custom
Intercooler: Custom - Bell core.
Radiator: Aluminum - racing.
Fuel pump: Bosch 044
Fuel rail: Stock or -6 depends on how I feel.
Rrfpr: AEM


Gearbox: T5 - A5 gear set
Clutch: TTV Racing
Driveshaft: Stock Toyota Supra Turbo
Diff housing:Toyota 8"
Diff centre: Toyota 8" - LSD



Springs: Hyperco - something when I figure it out.
Shocks: Bilstein ASN
Torque rods: NA
Panhard bar: NA
Strut braces: NA
Control arms: Custom Fabricated.


Calipers: Wilwood
Master cylinder:Brembo 0.70/0.75"

Front Suspension:
Modified Corvette C4

Rear Suspension:
Modified Toyota Supra (MK3).

Engine goal: 400/400 at the wheels.
Car weight goal: 2700 lbs.
Overall goal: to be done before I turn 50.

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Old 04-11-2017, 03:46 PM   #29
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Location: So Cal

Hp and torque would be good to have in there also.
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Old 04-11-2017, 04:49 PM   #30
We don't even like Volvos
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Missouri

In a 1993 Volvo 240
Block: stock squirter b230
Head: stock
Injectors: white body
Pistons: stock
Rods: stock
Ems: stock lh2.4
Cam: iPd turbo
Crank: stock
Coil packs/plugs: BPR8ES
Turbo: stock 13c
Intake: stock manifold, vatozone filter
Exhaust: stock cracked 90+, stock downpipe, 2.5" straightpipe
Intercooler: was NPR, now none until I fit the fomoco intercooler
Radiator: stock
Fuel pump: stock
Fuel rail: stock
Rrfpr: ejecto seato cuz. Do people really use these? Stock 3 bar for me


Gearbox: stock m47
Clutch: new stock clutch
Driveshaft: stock
Diff housing: 1041 eaton?
Diff centre: g80 modded



Springs: stock, cut (FWM)
Shocks: stock, blown
Torque rods: stock with poly
Panhard bar: stock
Strut braces: lol nope. Gonna get some from DS someday
Control arms: stock


Calipers: stock
Rotors: stock
Master cylinder: stock

Damn my car is stock af
-93' 244 m47-iPd sways, 13c, iPd cam, 2.5”
straight pipe
-93' 245 m47-iPd sways, B-cam
-90' 744 AW70:( stock as a rock
-94' M-Edition Miata-Stock with a hardtop
-80' 242gt m46-
-88' 245 m47-Welded diff, gutted, 13g
-92' 940 turbo, got for free, fixed, sold
Feedback Thread

can't replace u joints
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Old 04-15-2017, 01:22 AM   #31
Wilford Brimley
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Location: Lake stevens, wa

Sound like a solid 200hp build...then I read the ejecto seato!

'91 744t...it's fast as phuck
96 Grand cherokee, 5.2l badass wheeler

Originally Posted by LeedomtoFreedom View Post
I've got a real issue with you Wilford
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I crush everything!
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All stock and a broken washer fluid pump.
Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Any thread about cut springs, & or +T on a college students budget shall be sent to OT, flogged for 24 hours, participants in said thread shall point the OP in the correct thread link while simultaneously shaming them
I know what I have, and you can buy it here
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