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Default 1990 245 +t ****s the bed under boost

So, i've got a sweet ass +t, 1990 245 with an M47, which has been my reliable daily since 2009. I've got some fun stuff bolted to it, B cam, TLAO chipped ecu/ezk, orange top injectors, MBC set to 9 psi, 2.5" cat-less exhaust, magnaflow muffler, it's great fun. At least it was while it was running normally.

Just recently I was doing a high speed pull on the highway and my car lost all power. I could stand on the throttle and it would occasionally give me small blips of gas, but that's it. I shut it off, started it back up and was able to accelerate back to freeway speed, but if I tried to hop on the throttle it would fall flat on its face again and go straight into "retarded mode"

Now it is sitting in my garage, being a rusty sack of ****. I've been pouring through every thread I can find, replacing parts and generally tearing my hair out that nothing seems to be helping.

Here are my symptoms
Terrible idle, car keeps trying to die

Drives fine (as far as I can tell, cant really leave my neighborhood) until I hit boost, chokes in a very hard way around 4000 RPM

Goes into retard mode where idle becomes even more erratic and car will only rev in blips, independent of how much throttle input i give it.

In neutral when revved engine speed will increase incrementally by 1K rpm to 4k, but go no higher. other times it seems to rev freely without hesitation

Parts i've replaced:
crank position sensor
fuel pump (single in tank dw200 with DW relay kit)
Injectors (one was leaking badly onto my intake manifold)
spark plug wires
spark plugs

I don't feel like i'm explaining any of this well enough, is there something i'm overlooking? This car just passed emissions the day before all this **** started and i'm getting to the end of my rope here.
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