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Default Downpipe to bellhousing clamp

Just did the exhaust manifold gaskets on 940 Turbo - one of the things I am not too sure about it the orientation of the header pipe clamp. The angled tabs were very difficult to align- may be I didn't install it right back when I got it. One tab has the round hole and other is slotted. I image the round goes on the bellhousing stud first and then the slotted side is tightened with the nut? Any help please...

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Are the exhaust clamps and header pipe still loose? That is when to put on something like this clamp. Your description seems fine to me. The slot is to give you some slack so you can put things together. Make sure you use a lock washer or a locking nut so that won't vibrate loose.
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Thanks. Yes, the connection at the turbo was loose, the trans bracket and the cat ware unbolted. I'll probably order a new clamp because i had to straighten the tabs on mine and now not sure about overall alignment/stress on the exhaust hardware.
I think I was expecting the clamp to close completely when tightened but from the picture it looks like the little bend on one of the tabs acts as a stop so there will be a gap left.
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I've got a stocker 9 series DP band clamp on my workbench.... it is NOT square at the ends of the hoop. Both of the perpendicular ears are slightly rotated from being square. The stock DP can't be truly running vertically, the reason for the slight rotation of the ends. For sure, use a metal locknut on the stud to keep it tight.
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