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Default New to the Forums - Adding Pictures


Can someone share with me how to add pictures to these posts?

Not sure on how or where to go to find that information.

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Hey man wrong forum probably but
You can upload to imgur and paste the album link back or upload to imgur and use the [ img ] imgurlhere [/ img ] tags.
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Per forum rules, please post price of pics.
Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
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Welcome to Turbobricks!

Would be nice if you also included pics of your pics.
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Hi Newbie, you're in the "for sale" section of the Message Board. Here, you generally post items for sale, and must include a price. It's strongly suggested that you post photos of your wares as well.

To answer your original question, there is a small icon that looks like a postcard with mountains on it, to the right of the Insert Link button. If you copy the image address (you can make one for your own photos by uploading them to facebook or imgur, or any other website that hosts photos) and paste it into the address bar that pops up, you can insert images into the post. The address will display the native resolution of the image, so for this screen shot, the pixels displayed are at a 1:1 ratio.

Like so:

Here's the Icon:

And the text box to insert your URL:

Or just go with the [IMG] insert image url [/IMG] to do exactly the same thing.
Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
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Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Per forum rules, please post price of pics.
This is not an auction!
No pics of pics. Ban!
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I've been using imgbb.com. It's really fast and simple, but I don't know how long it will be around, or if they'll starting adding ads to your pictures. You don't need an account (but you may not be able to delete pictures if they weren't uploaded using an account).

Drag&drop to upload, find the BBCode box for the picture size you want (including thumbnails linked to fullsize) and click copy to get the embed links. Simply paste the whole link into the tbricks screen (if you copied the BBCode, you don't need to click the IMG icon on tbricks).

And per the rules, imgbb is currently $free. [Although I did see that PhotoSuckit has relented and restored some content, plus now offers a more $reasonable plan.]
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I always use imgur because its pretty simple and you can resize images just by adding a letter at the end of the file name.

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