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I don't know the tach internally. But usually there is a calibration resistor or potentiometer to set the tach for what cylinder engine it's to be used for. As mentioned yours will have 4zyl or 6zyl on the back of the tach to tell you what it's setup for. I agree it seems like you have a 6zyl tach on your 4 zyl engine.
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I'll go take it back apart tomorrow I guess since it's supposed to be warmer. Oh well, it's not that hard to do.
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Only on a Volvo...

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm having the same problem.

I've got a tacho which came out of a 140 series. The back is stamped with 4Zyl./4Takt at the top.

I have installed it with the "1" terminal on the back of the tach connected to the negative terminal on the coil, and I can report exactly the same symptoms.
When I rev to what sounds like a good shift point, or the "peak" of the rev range, it reads as 3.5k RPM, when i'm assuming it should be revving to 7k RPM, which is the peak of the gauge.

The one I have is orange between 6-6.5k and red between 6.5-7k. A few of the things it says on the back are 230/65/1 (i'm assuming the VDO part number), 14000, JMP., 12V, and 12.73. The black cable which connects back to the cluster is connected to the positive terminal, and the brown to the negative.

There are four screws on the back, none of which are labelled. I have tried adjusting the only one that was not in the same position as the others and it has not made any difference.
Another thing i've just noticed which is different to the tachometers i've seen on eBay is that mine has two small black screws on the face. I'm not really game to pull it out again and see if adjusting them makes a difference right now, but I might soon.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this, or how to adjust one of these? My car is a 1980 244 GL sedan, with a B21E and M46.

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