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Default 530 rebuild

I want to rebuild a spare head I have. Does anyone sell a kit with all new seals, hushers, and anything else maintenance related? If not does anyone know where I can buy the parts needed?
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The head gasket set comes with everything you'll need for a basic rebuild.

FCP has a good price on the Elring set and they're close to you.

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Originally Posted by euro-trash97 View Post
rebuild a spare head
I suggesting buying new springs....also.

Before head parts are taken out, measure gap between cam-lobe and disc...and write it all down...keep all parts in sequential order when off the head.

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A proper head rebuild will involve cutting the valve seats to the correct angles and then using valve grinding past to seat the valves into the new fresh cut on the seats. Are you doing this or do you have a good shop for it?

If this head is going to see turbo use some turbo exhaust valves are a good idea. Not totally necessary but will extend the service life of the head with a turbo on there.

Since it's a 530 head and they don't give you one with a gasket kit. I would also suggest a new plug for the back of the head. Don't forget a nice dab of sealant under the ends of bearing caps 1 and 5.
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Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
Don't forget a nice dab of sealant under the ends of bearing caps 1 and 5.
That MUSt be where its coming from. I have been trying to find the weepy oil leak at the back of my head for a while. Its hard to see back there with a mirror and flashlight... Twice i have put a new gasket, because the first time i re-used the old cam plug. Some dummy ordered the gasket without it......The rest of the leaks are gone but that little bit weeping onto the tranny bugs me because it is the last oil leak. Never thought to pull the caps and put a dab there. Its the only place left......Time to order another gasket kit....
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