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Default Evaluating Head Gasket Replacement

1991 Volvo 240

There was oil in the coolant expansion tank. I did a leak down test and could hear air bubbles in the radiator so assumed the head gasket was bad. I subsequently replaced the head gasket.

When I seated the head, the water pump was in place. I also may have not gotten all the fluid out of the threaded holes in the block. I am therefore concerned that I may not have the head torqued correctly.

The car is not "smoking like the Batmobile", but there is some smoke and fluid that comes out the tail pipe when warming up. The smoke and fluid do not come out the tailpipe once the car has been driven several miles. I also see a sharp drop in vacuum at the intake when I rev the engine.

Would it be best to replace the head gasket again, without the water pump in place and a through cleaning of the threads in the block?
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