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Default Wierd issue with 122 windshield

I bought another Amazon that had been sitting in a field covered with a tarp for 20 years. All the other glass in the Car is fine except for the front windshield, even if you clean it looks like there's dirt inside of the actual glass. Here's a picture. Any ideas?

122 windshield photo IMG_20180106_123211.jpg
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Heat delamination ?
Raise The Lowered

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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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I have seen glass etched from sitting around, on some of the old cars that I have restored. Are the marks on the surface or in the glass laminate?. It also looks like there are nasty wiper scratches.
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I've got two Amazon wagons, a 66 driver and the 67 parts car that came with it. Anyways summer before last I drove about 40 miles east to work in the morning and of course back west coming home. The 66's windshield looked clear but was full of nicks like it'd been sandblasted, the way 50 year old windshields get. A close inspection of the parts car showed the same issues.
The fix wasn't cheap, a brand new windshield and gasket just under $400 as I recall. However compared to hitting some early morning jogger or stupid dammed deer, when you round a corner and get into the sun, it's really pretty cheap.
I suspect your best bet here is going to be the same thing. Honestly the new windshield is probably the best thing I've done to that car.
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